Four Foods On Friday 76

#1. Do you celebrate Memorial Day with a picnic, cookout, road trip or some other way?

The past couple of years, we have taken a road trip.  This year, we might have hamburgers &/or hot dogs.
#2. What are staples at your summer time cookouts?

Just the usual things that go with hamburgers or hot dogs.
#3. What drink do you find most refreshing on a hot summer day?

Iced tea.  What’s really good is to buy a bag of crushed ice from Sonic or someplace, and have iced tea over crushed ice!
#4. Share a recipe for a picnic side dish.

My family doesn’t care for potato salad or cole slaw, so it would be beans.  A friend fixed some delicious beans:  1/2 pinto beans & 1/2 black beans seasoned with Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix and Liquid Smoke.

4 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 76

  1. I could have sworn they had bags of crushed ice these days you could get. I like the mini ice cubes, they also go well when blending them in with a smoothie 🙂

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