It’s Been a Crazy Week!

It’s been a crazy week for me and a lot of other people as well.  First, I was sick on Mother’s Day with a stomach virus, and so I didn’t get to wear my corsage to church and go out to eat afterwards.  That really stunk!  But I did get to wear the corsage on Thursday and go out to eat for a belated Mother’s Day dinner.

It took longer than usual to get my energy back from that nasty virus, and I ran a fever for a couple of days on Sunday and Monday.  Then, I did substitute teaching on Thursday and Friday.  Also, we’ve been getting things ready for a senior banquet and other senior activities this weekend, so my poor blog has been greatly neglected this week.   I have a cool smoothie recipe I want to post soon, so maybe tomorrow or Monday you’ll be seeing that.  For now, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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