Wow! We Got a LOT of Rain!


It rained so hard here in Texas on Saturday that our driveway and sidewalk flooded briefly.  We have a French Drain, but there was too much water all at once and the drain couldn’t handle it.  In the top picture, you can see how much of our driveway is covered with water.   It was quite a storm!


In the second picture, there’s a step to get from the sidewalk to the porch.  The water completely flooded our sidewalk, part of our flower bed, and began to come upon the porch.  Thankfully, that’s as far as it got.  We’ve never had to use sandbags, but I was beginning to think I might have to get out towels and blankets to put in our entryway if the water got any higher.

After the storm passed, we drove around looking at all the high water.  We were able to help a lady who got stranded and then accidentally locked out of her car.  Her purse and cell phone were locked in her car, and so she was standing out in the rain trying to get someone to stop and help.  She was so appreciative when we stopped!

One thought on “Wow! We Got a LOT of Rain!

  1. You’re right! That was A LOT of rain! We even had the tornado sirens go off around 4 in the afternoon. It was a very strange day. I enjoy the rain, but spreading it out over time would be nice! 😀

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