Four Foods On Friday 88

Val says, “Hi everybody.

This week I’m asking players to answer 4 questions.”

  1. What color is your refrigerator? Off-white
  2. What kind of toaster do you have? 2-slot, chrome
  3. Do you use a tablecloth? When – always, when eating, etc. Yes, we have a glass top, so I keep a vinyl tablecloth on it.  (I got tired of always cleaning fingerprints off of it.)   I use my cloth tablecloths for holidays.
  4. Do you use paper or cloth napkins? Paper, inexpensive ones.  I use nice paper napkins for holidays.

2 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 88

  1. We sound very similar in our table/paper habits! LOL We used to have a glass tabletop (actually 2) and it was a pain in the rump to keep clean. The vinyl cloth is a good idea!

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