Four Foods On Friday 93

1. Name one bad habit you have in the kitchen.

I’m sure I have several, but one I have in common with Val is turning the heat up too high.  I’ve been working on turning the heat to medium to begin with and then adjusting as necessary.  I’ve also been trying to remember to put the lid on the pan ASAP to help things heat up faster.
2. Do you have a TV in the kitchen?

No, we never have had one in the kitchen.  I can hear the TV, though, if my husband is watching TV while I’m cooking.
3. What’s one food you can’t stand cold?

Again, I agree with Val.  I do not like cold french fries!  (I also cannot stand cold bread rolls.  Years ago, we ate at a really nice restaurant, and they served cold rolls – like they had been in the fridge.  I should have asked the waiter if he could warm our bread, but it was a special dinner so I just didn’t eat my roll.)
4. What’s your favorite juice?

Definitely fresh squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice!

(To my fellow bloggers:  I’m having a problem.  Somehow, comments that are left on my blog are not emailed to me like they used to be.  On my admin page under settings, it shows that they are.  Have any of you had this problem?)

3 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 93

  1. I do the same thing jacking up the heat because I’m impatient. LOL I’m trying not to anymore but sometimes when you’re hungry, you’re hungry! Time for chow! 🙂

  2. My bad habit in the kitchen would be washing my hands even when there’s just little grease or anything that makes me comfortable while cooking. It’s not good to wash hands especially after handling heat.

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