Black Friday

This Friday is “Black Friday,” and we plan to go for the good buys and for the novelty of it.  (I wish they had a different name for it.  I understand why they name it that, but it seems like a name for something dismal.  Haha)   For many years, I never had any desire to go, but then I found out how much fun it was to just go and be with our daughter and friends.   This year, I plan to go with my husband and our son, so this will be interesting and fun as well.

On Friday, we’ll probably be so full from eating Thanksgiving dinner the day before that we won’t want any desserts and definitely not any Swisher Sweets (I didn’t know what those were).  Maybe all the walking around will help us burn off some calories!  However, there is a lot of waiting in long lines before the stores open, and that doesn’t burn off many calories.  Oh, well.  It will be a great time to visit and catch up on things with our son who will be home from college.

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