Four Foods On Friday 97

Hi all!   Here’s this week’s questions:

1. What do you do with turkey leftovers?

We eat leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner for a couple of days and all the white meat is eaten up.  We don’t especially care for the dark meat, however, I froze it last year in several batches.  One winter day, I couldn’t think of what to cook and decided on soup.  On a whim, I decided to use some of the frozen dark turkey and used what I had on hand to add to the pot with it.  This soup turned out to be one of our favorites!!   Here’s the recipe:  Turkey & Vegetable Soup.  I plan to make this soup in a couple of days.
2. How do you make split pea soup?

I don’t, but my mother used to make delicious split pea soup.  She passed away in 2000.  Wish I could have some soup with her today!   I should make some soon only I don’t have her recipe.
3. What do you like on top of your pie?

Depends on the pie.  I like ice cream on top of fruit and pumpkin pies.  Well actually it’s Dreyer’s Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt Blends – so creamy and yummy! (my husband likes the Fat-Free, and it’s good, too, just not as creamy)  Pecan pies – plain.  Chocolate or banana cream pies – real whipped cream.  ( I like the taste of Cool Whip but when I think of the ingredients it has in it, I lose my taste for it!)
4. What kind of turkey do you usually buy?

I buy whatever’s the best price (or free) which is a frozen turkey.  This year, though, we ended up getting a fresh turkey on sale and then used a $5 store coupon on it, too.  It was delicious!  We think the breast meat had more flavor to it. I cooked it in a turkey bag with the breast on the bottom so the juices could flow into it, so that made a difference too.  I would like to do a taste test between frozen and fresh turkeys cooked exactly the same way, side by side.

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