Four Foods On Friday 98

1. How many cookbooks do you have? (1-10, 11-20, 20+)

I have 20+.   (around 27 or so, different sizes)
2. Where do you keep your large utensils (such as slotted spoons, spatulas, etc)?

I keep them in a utensil holder on the counter.   Utensils that are not used very often are kept in a drawer.
3. What is your countertop made of?

4. Do you use canisters in your kitchen?

Yes, they are Tupperware canisters that we got for a wedding present, and they’re great because they’re airtight.  I keep the two smaller canisters out on the counter.  I keep the two larger ones in a cabinet.

2 thoughts on “Four Foods On Friday 98

  1. Yeah, they are a pain to clean. I usually use a brush and clean them in soapy water. The canisters I keep in a cabinet stay cleaner a lot longer.

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