Great Christmas Music With KLTY’s Online Radio Player

I enjoy listening to awesome Christmas music on KLTY whenever I have a chance.   I listen every day while doing things at home, working on the computer, and when driving somewhere.  One thing I really like about KLTY is not only their great selection of Christmas music by well-known artists,  but also their “Christmas Wish” for families who have found themselves in an economic crisis.  They interview the person online who nominated the family and explain the family’s situation, and then they actually talk to the recipient of the gift (maybe $2,500 to catch up on mortgage payments, or money to make car payments they’re behind on or needed car repairs, or money to pay utilities, and always money to buy Christmas presents for the children).   The recipients are usually overwhelmed and so thankful, and to me, this is a very touching and heart-warming part of the program.

If someone is stuck at a computer all day or working from home on their computer, KLTY has an online radio player that makes their music easily accessible.

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