Whatever it is, I think it’s always best to read up on all the symptoms and treatments, whether it’s adhd symptoms, diabetes symptoms, etc.   Then a person can have some background knowledge when they go to the doctor.

I’ve had a hard time trying to get well recently, with the flu week before last, then bronchitis setting in and also pink eye (where in the world did that come from – I think maybe from a quick trip to the grocery store) last week.  Now I have this lingering cough.  I read up on all the symptoms for each of the above, and I’m doing everything I can to get over this ASAP.  I’ve finished my prescription antibiotics, and I’m taking vitamins and supplements, drinking lots of fluids, using a steam vaporizer at night (helps so much), taking hot showers, and using a lot of cough drops with menthol.   I’m so thankful I’m a lot better now!

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