Four Foods On Friday 101

Val, From Val’s Kitchen, writes, “Hi all! Happy New Year!

Here’s this week’s questions.”

1. Do you have any food related New Years resolutions?
Yes, to go back to eating healthier foods all the time now that the holidays are over.
2. What’s one thing you’d like to learn how to make from scratch this year?
Pie crust like my mother used to make it. (thin, delicate, and flakey)
3. What’s the most unusual thing in your cabinet, refrigerator or freezer right now?
In a front corner of one cabinet, I have one little peanut shell, with the peanuts still in it, that is over a decade old (maybe 12 years old). Our son gave it to me, and now I can’t remember what he said, only that it was said in such a sweet way that it melted my heart. I didn’t mean to keep it this long but…it’s not in the way. 🙂

4. What kind of can opener do you have?

I have a hand-held can opener.  When we got married, we received an electric can opener which we used for years.  Finally, it quit working.  I started using my hand-held can opener until I got one to replace it and decided I liked my hand-held one better.  I never did replace the electric one.  The hand-held opener doesn’t take up any room on the counter, it’s convenient to clean after each use, and I can easily open the tallest can with it.

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