Exercise Time

I have often wished we had a treadmill. It would be much easier to fit in exercise time.  Exercise could be done while in pajamas, watching TV, or reading a book.  Weather would have no effect so it wouldn’t matter if it was rainy, windy, snowy, icy, or whatever.   It would be easier to break exercise time down into five minutes here and ten minutes there if time were a factor.  But the truth is that we just don’t have room for a treadmill.  Maybe someday we will.

2 thoughts on “Exercise Time

  1. Treadmill is good for exercise but you can also go outside for a walk or run.This will be much beneficial for you as you can get fresh air and good energy.Yes exercise would be easy if treadmill is in home but still I think that walking or running outside is more better for health.I hope you will get treadmill one day.

  2. I agree, my favorite place to walk is outside down by a meadow. But for various reasons I’m not able to always do that. If I had a treadmill, I would be getting exercise on a regular basis. I do try to go to the mall and walk sometimes, but it’s not as enjoyable as walking outside.

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