Sunday Thoughts – Pray for Jenny

A few of you may know about Jenny, a 31 year old wife and mother who is fighting for her life right now.  People literally all over the world are praying this week.  On a Facebook site set up for her, “Praying for Jenny Bizaillion,” there are over 6,600 members to date who are praying for her as well as thousands of others.

Jenny entered the hospital 17 days ago, having been misdiagnosed with the flu which was really strep.  It quickly became Sepsis, a bacterial infection spread throughout her whole body.  She has not only been battling for her life, her legs had to be amputated below the knees four days ago, and now Sepsis bacteria has entered her brain causing her to have seizures the past couple of days.

Throughout all of this, her family is staying close by and keeping their faith with the knowledge that “God is mighty to save.”   The only reason that Jenny has lived and made it this far is because of God answering the many prayers on her behalf.  Just a couple of days after being in the hospital, a doctor admitted he didn’t know why Jenny had improved but to “keep doing what you’re doing!”  In other words…pray!  Many of the prayers on her Facebook site, including mine, mention that through all of this, the glory goes to God!  God is the one who has brought Jenny this far, and whatever the outcome He will still be glorified!


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