Varicose Veins Treatment

Have you ever noticed tiny little veins on your legs that seem to grow a little more visible every year?  When I had our second baby, I was in my 30’s.  During my pregnancy, probably during the latter part of the second trimester, I noticed slight spider veins in my left leg.  It made sense due to the way I was carrying the baby.  I just supposed that after I had the baby then the spider veins would go away.  Well, they didn’t.  Not only did they not go away, they’ve gotten worse through the years.

My grandmother had varicose veins, and I wondered if they were inherited.  I did a little bit of research, and sure enough I found out they tend to be inherited and they get worse with age.  And pregnancy can contribute to their development.  My research confirmed what I thought and matched with what I had experienced.

It would be nice to try a varicose veins treatment, especially one that has an unconditional money back guarantee.  I’ve read it might take several weeks for varicose veins to diminish, so it would be good to start the treatment before the warm months of spring when it’s nice to wear capris and flip flops.

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  1. For preventing varicose veins, one can increase the intake of healthy food sources of bioflavonoids, such as dark berries, green leafy vegetables, onions and garlic, and whole grains for vitamins and healthy nutrients.

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