Easter Memories


I remember these little Easter bunnies which belonged to our kids and bring back happy memories.  The bunny in blue is a Boyd’s Bunny.   Isn’t it adorable how it’s dressed in overalls?  The “bunny” dressed in lavender is actually an Old Navy dog dressed up in a bunny costume.  Old Navy was really clever that year to come up with a dog in a bunny disguise.  These are just two of the bunnies we have at our house.  We have some more bunnies my mother gave the kids years ago, and they really have special memories now that she’s no longer with us.   We also have Easter eggs the kids dyed when they were younger.  I saved those eggs and use them to decorate with every year and can remember back to when we were sitting around the table having so much fun being together!

I also remember that Easter is a special holiday for remembering and celebrating Jesus’ resurrection after He died on the cross.  It gives me joy to know that God’s power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in the lives of Christians…is at work in my life. God gives me strength when I am completely drained.  He gives me peace when life gets crazy.  He gives me hope when I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  He gives me joy that the world can’t take away!

6 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. Great post! We’ve heard about a kit called “Resurrection Eggs” where each egg contains something to teach about Jesus’ death and resurrection – when the boys are older we’ll probably look into getting one.

  2. Those are so cute! My daughter has an entire bin of nothing but Easter bunnies! They’re so hard to resist. This year I only got her a chocolate one, so it won’t be around too long! 😀
    .-= Lynne´s last blog ..Gone to Watch Softball =-.

  3. The Resurrection Eggs sound great for the boys when they’re older.
    I love the Easter bunnies. We still have quite a collection and what I used to do was have them all sitting on the sofa when the kids got up on Easter morning. They’re all taking a rest until the grandkids are here around Easter time.

  4. Those are such cute bunnies. Yes, I am so glad to be saved and know that I am in God’s hands. I don’t know how people keep their sanity without knowing the Lord.

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