Wrinkle Cream

Some days I look in the mirror and wonder where all my wrinkles came from.  It seems like they increased a lot this past year.  I may need to look for the best wrinkle cream or facial moisturizer, but for now I’m not too concerned about it.  There are other things at the top of my priority list right now.  I would like to use something to minimize them, though.  What do you use?

2 thoughts on “Wrinkle Cream

  1. I’m using “Age Perfect”, by Loreal. I think it was around $20.. for the 2.3 ounces. Before that I used Revitalift, by Loreal. I bought that at Mitchells for about $10.00. I like both of them. They seem to diminish the (parentheses) on my face. I’ve been very blessed with pretty smooth skin, by genetics but I feel like both of these creams have helped.

  2. A lot of wrinkle cream in our market today, looking for best cream should not be easy. You have to take the risk of finding it and try it. In order to have it safe, go to natural skin care product. It will be the best among other tretaments.

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