A Week of Blessings!


This has been a good week filled with many blessings. There have been many spiritual blessings every day that assures me (us) that God is taking care of us and loves us unfailingly!

I was invited to an end-of-school party the last day of school in one of the special ed classes I have subbed in many times this school year.  I love those kids!

And this has also been a week of freebies and winning items for our family:

  • I won a package of 3 ring pops from Happy Mom of 5.
  • We went to a store where a radio station (KLTY) was on location having drawings for prizes.  Our son won a CD and then ten minutes later, I won a CD by Brandon Heath who has some really great songs.
  • We were walking away after winning the CD’s and we heard they were having one last drawing so we turned around.  They called my name AGAIN and I won 4 tickets to the new movie, Marmaduke, that just came out in theaters this week.
  • After winning the CD’s and movie tickets, we left to go get our free sandwiches at Chick-Fil-A (hope you made your reservation a week or so ago to get a free spicy chicken sandwich)  We were going to buy fries to go with them, but the boy waiting on us said that we got fries and drinks free, too.  Awesome!
  • Yesterday, we took advantage of Bank of America’s “Museums on Us!” (which occurs the first weekend of every month), and we went to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science.  Since each one of us had our own Bank of America card in our name, all three of us got in free.  Tickets are $10 a piece, so we saved $30 on tickets.  We thoroughly enjoyed the museum!  (I’ll write more about this later…dinosaur exhibit was fantastic)


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