Dry Skin

Today was a hot day!  I noticed my skin seemed drier today as a result, so I got out my heavy duty lotion and my skin just soaked it up.  I didn’t need an eczema treatment, but just needed something to moisturize my thirsty skin.   It felt much smoother and better after an application of a good moisturizing lotion, well actually it was a cream.  I think that’s going to be needed on a daily basis for sure!

4 thoughts on “Dry Skin

  1. Sometimes it happens when we go outside our skin gets dried and it takes long time to manage it. So not to have that problem, I daily use a oil free moisturizer like Neutrogena which makes my skin soft and smooth.
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  2. There are plenty of ways where you can have some good benefits. One of the reason for this would be the use of a soap that quite reactive to your skin and thus making it dry. Just check after changing your soap.

  3. Moisturizing is very important for dry skin. You need to moisturize your face and body every day, sometimes several times a day. Remember to avoid the cosmetic and beauty products that use harsh chemicals as this may be the cause of the gradual drying of the skin and use only cosmetics.

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