Four Foods On Friday 117

From Val's Kitchen

If you’ve never played Four Foods on Friday, then head over to Val’s Kitchen to read other people’s answers and to enter your answers if you’d like.  Val has a fun question this week:

“Name four things related to food that are strange or funny to you.”

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Here are Val’s answers:

1. Minute rice. It takes more than minute.
2. Freshly frozen. As opposed to frozen after getting stale?
3. Pasta. The pound of pasta isn’t always a pound now, sometimes the box is 12 ounces.
4. Pound cake. Some of the frozen pound cakes are only 12 ounces.

Here are my answers here at Healthy Home Blog:

(Our son helped me with the first one & then I thought of the others.)

1.  Instructions for frozen pizza say “not to eat frozen pizza.”  (Shucks!  I like pizza hard and ice cold!)

2.  On a bag of frozen cook-in-the-bag veggies:  “Cook in microwave for 8 minutes” and then it says, ” CAUTION: Bag is HOT!”   (Really?)

3.  On ice cream carton:  “Keep Frozen Until Served”  (I guess I can’t leave it out on the counter for an hour.)

4. On can of non-stick baking spray made with oil it says, “Do not spray into open flames.”  (Hmmm….it’s made with oil.   There are lamps that burn oil.  Makes sense to me!)

I know they have those instructions on the packaging for a reason, but sometimes they just sound so obvious!

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