Several people in our neighborhood, including us, were flying flags yesterday in remembrance of the lives lost  nine years ago. This weekend, I’ve read several comments on another blog about how we remember 9-11.  Most of us will never forget that tragedy and what we were doing that day.  Back then, many people were turning to God for comfort.  Because when times are really hard or scary, God is our true source of comfort.

My prayer is that people will stop growing complacent.  Our country is still vulnerable.  Just as many turned to God for comfort back then, we still need to be turning to God daily and praying for mercy and protection for our country!  (I pray for His protection and mercy on our country from time to time but forget to ask on a daily basis and need to start doing that…notice the complacency)  It is God’s grace and mercy that has kept us safe so far!

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