Bird Watching

My mother-in-law is an avid bird watcher.  When we’re visiting her during the summer, we sit outside and watch the birds at the bird feeders and in the woods behind her house.  During the winter, we sit in her living room and look out the sliding glass doors at the birds eating bird feed on her patio table and the bird feeders.  She also has a heated bird bath which the birds love (and even a small fox), and it’s fun to watch the activity in the bird bath.

In order to see the birds better while sitting inside, binoculars come in very handy! I’m not sure what brand my mother-in-law has, but I don’t think they’re ncstar binoculars.  If you know anyone who is an avid bird watcher, they probably have binoculars, too.   If they don’t then that might be a good gift idea!

4 thoughts on “Bird Watching

  1. Heather, I agree! It is fun to just sit and watch them. And it does make a nice hobby.
    Darlene, our daughter actually did some bird watching when she was in college. They had a balcony on their apartment, and she would put out bird feed to attract the birds. So…birdwatching is not just for “old” people. 🙂

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