Small Businesses

There are a lot of small business owners in today’s market.  It takes a certain amount of money to start up a new business which might result in owners needing a small business loan.  Lendio is a company that does just that.  They match small business owners with banks and lenders where they can take out a small loan.  Lendio is on Facebook, and you can also follow Lendio on Twitter if you want to check them out.

We know firsthand how much it takes to start up a new business because we had our own business back in the eighties.  There were basic expenses such as rent, utilities, and insurance.  Then there were extra expenses for advertising in the yellow pages and other forms of advertising.  We needed a cash register, free-standing counters, blinds for the windows, and seating for customers who were waiting.  Plus, we bought our very first computer back then.  As you can see, there are a lot of expenses for small business owners.

Note:  This is a sponsored post.

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