Menu Plan Monday 2/21/11

I’m feeling a little under the weather and hope I’m not coming down with anything.  Our daughter, Christi from The Frugal Novice, had the flu this past week.  Not fun!  I’m so glad she’s feeling better!

This will be a crazy week for me.  I tutor after school at my house on Monday & Tuesday, have a training session for Conscious Discipline after school on Wednesday (I’m excited about this – sounds like such a positive discipline program that fosters a sense of school family), and another meeting after school on Thursday, plus a couple of other extra things this week.  It’s going to be a hectic week!

So, here’s an easy menu:

Monday:  Chicken Spaghetti, broccoli florets, garlic toast

Tuesday:  Leftover Chicken Spaghetti, salad, garlic toast

Wednesday:  Barbecue sandwiches, baby carrots

Thursday:  Enchilada-zagna (got this recipe from Leslie)

Friday:  Leftover Enchilada-zagna

By the way, I’m having a giveaway for the movie “Fireproof” on DVD.  The contest is open to all U.S. and Canadian residents, and it ends Feb. 28th.

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 2/21/11

  1. This week I’ll be making some brownies. No need to worry about food because my mother sent me some casserole with meat+ potatoes. 🙂

  2. Whew! You sound so busy! I am visiting from MPM. Your menu sounds delicious. I am curious about your chicken spaghetti, do you have a recipe by any chance?

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