Menu Plan Monday 3/21/11

Spring Break was so nice!  It was wonderful to have our son home from college.  We went to visit my husband’s mom and although she’s in her eighties and has slowed down a lot, she went on a little day trip with us to one of her favorite places.  My husband’s brother was able to come for a short visit, and the five of us were able to chill out, decompress, and enjoy the slow pace of life in the little town we visited.  Having soda at an antique soda bar where they still mix the syrup with the fizz, looking through antiques in a couple of shops, and visiting with some of the shop owners provided a much needed, relaxed small-town pace where we enjoyed being with our family.

Tomorrow is back to work, back to the fast track, so now to think about a menu.  I’m going to incorporate salads into our menu two or three days this week to help make up for the pecan pie, delicious peanut brittle, and taffy we ate several days while visiting my m-i-l.  🙂

Monday:  Leftover Chicken & Pasta from the weekend

Tuesday:  Chef Salad with Turkey

Wednesday: Chef Salad with Turkey

Thursday:  Salmon Patties, salad

Friday:  Maybe eat out somewhere?

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 3/21/11

  1. This week I’m planning to eat as many salads as possible: spinach + green onion + cucumber + tomato + tuna/cheese/turkey/chicken and plenty of olive oil on top 🙂

  2. It sounds like such a wonderful time. My mom and mil love to browse through antique stores. I like to hear them talk about the old stuff.

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