Graduation Cupcakes

One of the teachers where I teach just recently completed her master’s degree.  Congratulations, Melissa!  We celebrated at our monthly pot luck, and another teacher made these adorable cupcakes that were so delicious!  Great job, Holly!


The graduation cap is made by placing a Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cup upside down in the middle of the cupcake and then placing a chocolate square (high quality chocolate like Ghirardelli – yum!) on top. I think she used a little bit of icing to “glue” the chocolate on top of the Reese’s.  Then make the tassel with a small candy like M&M’s Minis and use the tube gel icing to complete it.  So cute!  Great for any age of graduate from kindergarten to college!
(PS Thanks Alan!)

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8 thoughts on “Graduation Cupcakes

  1. With a little imagination great things can be accomplished. At first i thought that it’s complicated to make the hat, but it’s pretty easy.

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