Wordy Wednesday: Precious Kids!

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Whenever we would travel over 800 miles in our minivan to visit Grandma, Christi always got the back bench seat where she could sleep to her heart’s content. Her younger brother always sat in the middle section. 

When I think back to this memory, I realize how fast time has flown. So take time with your little ones! They are more important than a spotless house. They are more important than all the things on a “To Do” list. Babies grow up and move away, but housework and “To Do” lists remain. Take time to rock your baby, to read that extra story to your child even though you’re so tired (one day you’ll wish you could read it to them), to do the little things that are important to your child that make them feel loved.  I don’t regret not doing certain things so I could spend more time with our kids.

If you don’t know exactly what is important to your older kids then I recommend reading “The Five Love Languages of Children” and “The Five Love Languages of Teenagers.” They are worth the time invested in buying and reading these books!

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