Modest Clothing Can Be Stylish & Trendy

One thing I like about today’s fashion styles is the fact that summer clothes can still be trendy and stylish, and they can still be considered modest clothing at the same time.  There are so many different ways to do this:

  • Long dresses are very fashionable and so cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.  You can wear them with a cute pair of sandals or dressy flip flops for a great combination that’s both stylish and summer-friendly.
  • Skirts are a big time favorite because of the mix and match option with whatever style of top you’re in the mood to wear.  You can wear them with a feminine blouse, layered tanks and tees, or a button up shirt.
  • Cute tops can be layered with coordinating colors that accent colors in a trendy skirt, or they can be worn with jeans or dressier pants, whatever the occasion requires.
  • Camisoles are another way to add a color coordinating layer to a cute dress or top, at the same time offering a more modest aspect to a trendy outfit.

There are an endless number of combinations using layering, tops, dresses, and skirts to make a fashionable and stylish summer wardrobe that is stylish, cool, and modest!

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