A Few Extra Pounds

I’m still trying to lose a few extra pounds, and they’re free for the taking if anyone would like them!  I do have a plan for the next month before school starts which includes walking and exercising more plus cutting out snacking so much.  That’s been my downfall! I don’t need fat burners but do need to watch what I eat.  I usually lose several pounds at the beginning of school because it’s such an extremely busy time, so if that happens then I’ll be right where I want to be weight-wise!

2 thoughts on “A Few Extra Pounds

  1. Whenever i feel extra-heavy i start drinking black and green tea, and i get back in shape. Doctors don’t recommended more than 2 cups per day, because they can really damage your metabolism, but this is a great way to detoxify your body too.

  2. I drink green tea too to detoxify and aid my metabolism. I have a particularly slow metabolism so shedding off those extra pounds is rather challenging especially when I tend to overeat.

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