We just got back from traveling a long way to see my mother-in-law. When I say long, I’m talking about approximately 1,700 miles of driving round-trip.  We didn’t have a vehicle maintenance log, but my husband made sure the oil was changed, new windshield wiper blades put on, tires checked, etc.,  before we left home.  Our vehicle was in great condition for the trip!

We didn’t have gps route planning software to use on our trip, but our son has an iPhone which has a GPS on it.  That was great because we relied on his GPS to route us a different way when three lanes converged into one due to construction on the highway we were traveling on.  Re-routing helped!  If we lived in this area, it might be nice to have an automated meter reading to help us figure out the best routes to take on a daily basis.  Whatever type of traveling, there are ways to make it  efficient.

*Note: I was compensated monetarily for this article. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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