Menu Plan Monday 9-12-11

Love the weekends!  Teaching school is very tiring.  Most teachers put in many more hours than some people realize.  It’s tiring physically, mentally, and sometimes emotionally.  If one teacher tells another teacher that they came home and were exhausted, the other teacher will understand exactly what they mean!  And there are other professions plus being a stay-at-home mom that understand exactly what is meant too!
So how does the working mom, stay-at-home mom, or working girl eat healthy and spend minimum time in the kitchen?  Processed foods are not that great for us with all the additives (sometimes wonder if they came from Mars) and artificial stuff put in them.  One thing that helps is to go to the store on the weekend and stock up on fresh veggies and fruits.  With these you can have:.

  • Assortment of your favorite fresh veggies sauteed in olive oil with salt & pepper (and any spices that you like too)
  • Salad with green leaf lettuce and all sorts of raw veggies, avocado (ripe avocado is absolutely delicious in salads), nuts, Oat Bran Sesame Sticks (healthy alternative to croutons and sooo good!)
  • Fresh fruit salad with assortment of your favorite fruits

.Here’s an example of something I fixed up last week, quick & easy:

So…here’s our menu for this week:
Monday:  Sauteed okra with fresh mushrooms & onions (cooked in olive oil with corn meal, salt & pepper), chicken (note the fresh veggies still have top priority)

Tuesday:  Italian Chicken Pasta (Barilla Plus Pasta) and salad

Wednesday: Chef Salad with fresh veggies and turkey

Thursday:  Some type of fish, sauteed okra with fresh mushrooms & onions

Friday: Pizza, salad

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