Menu Plan Monday 10-24-11

I mentioned this month is one of those overwhelming months with so much to do as a teacher!  I’ve been remembering the verse that says to take one day at a time, and I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  That’s encouraging!  AND I’m starting to get the holiday bug.  No, I’m not sick…I’m starting to get excited about getting to see family around the holidays.  That’s what makes holidays so special is getting together with those we love!  And while we’re doing that, let’s try to remember those who are lonely and and maybe invite them over sometime around the holidays.

Monday:  Salmon Patties, black eyed peas, baby carrots

Tuesday: Leftover Salmon Patties, black eyed peas, carrots

Wednesday:  Bring in fried chicken breasts and okra, salad

Thursday: Italian Chicken Pasta (Barilla Plus Pasta) and salad

Friday:  Maybe go somewhere out to eat.

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday 10-24-11

  1. I like salmon patties but I love Friday’s plan lol. I don’t eat out much anymore. Well, I’m trying not to anyway. Someone with your schedule probably can’t help it too much though. Nothing like having dinner cooked FOR you after a long day.

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