Skin Care

One thing I’ve noticed is that the older I get, the more sunspots I seem to have. The sunspots are from spending too much time out in the sun without sunscreen when I was younger. Maybe I need to visit a skin care blog, but now I’m too busy with work at school to think much about my skin. I’m thankful for cover-up makeup that helps hide the sunspots!

3 thoughts on “Skin Care

  1. ahhh don’t say that, find a good cosmetologist and go for cleanings once in a few months, that will save you believe me.

  2. That it’s true that when you are getting older, aging comes along. It is necessary to put skin lotion and avoid direct exposure from sunlight. it can cause aging and sunspots. Thus, it is quit good to have more water than any drinks to release toxins in the body.

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