I’m Thankful For…

There are so many things I’m thankful for!  I was sick for several days this week, so I’m just now getting this written.  Here’s top priority on my list:.

  • God’s love, mercy & grace,  His Word (the Bible), and prayer
  • My dear husband
  • Our precious children (son-in-law included) & precious young grandchildren
  • Relatives (many of whom I rarely or never get to see, but we stay in touch through email and phone calls)
  • Technology which enables us to stay in touch with those we care about and love
  • Loyal friends
  • Our church family
  • My job (even though it gets really stressful sometime with all the other work there is to do, the actual teaching part is wonderful.  I love my students and the people I work with!)
  • Our country with the freedoms we enjoy
  • Blogging and the friends I’ve made through blogging
  • All of the material blessings such as a comfortable home that is so nice to be in when I’m sick
  • A mini-van that gets me to and from work or where I need to go, and that is great for trips with the three of us
  • My health (even with the minor ailments, it’s such a blessing to have good health and the stamina to work at a job like teaching school)

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