Famous St. Louis Cookie: Dad’s Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookies

UPDATE: These unassuming yet delicious cookies can be ordered on Amazon!

What an unassuming little cookie!  Just to look at Dad’s Original Oatmeal Cookie, one would never guess how delicious they are.  We first encountered them a year ago when we visited the St. Louis Gateway Arch (the nation’s tallest monument at 630 feet).  Unseen from ground level is an underground mini-mall area complete with an impressive little museum and shops.  We (hubby, me, and our son) went in this cute little 1900-style market.  On the checkout counter stood a cookie jar filled with oatmeal cookies, priced modestly at 3/$1.  We needed a little snack so I bought several cookies.

When eating these cookies later, we were surprised how yummy they were and wished we had bought more.  We were headed to Springfield, Missouri, and figured we might could buy more there but were disappointed to find out the cookies are sold only in the St. Louis area.  Sometime after we got back home, I researched Dad’s Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookies and found out their interesting history. I searched and searched for the recipe but didn’t find one that sounded suitable until one day I found this Whole Grain Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookie Recipe (minus the walnuts) that sounds like it’s very close to Dad’s cookies.

My dear husband suggested ordering some of the cookies from Dad’s website recently, but I would rather wait since I’m trying to lose weight.   If I need to bake a batch of cookies to take somewhere, though, I just might try the recipe I found online!

Update:  We visited the actual bakery, Dad’s Cookie Co.,  in June 2012.

Photo courtesy of our son!

7 thoughts on “Famous St. Louis Cookie: Dad’s Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookies

  1. I didn’t know about these cookies! Will have to check them out next month while in St. Louis. We will be helping our son and his wife move. We will need cookies!

  2. Dad’s scotch oatmeal cookies are the bomb! Best cookie I have ever eaten and have baked for years! Hats off to this company, cookies found in store only in ST, LOUIS, MO.


  3. Very good cookie. Nothing compares to the oatmeal cookies that I order from Bobs. I have enjoyed them over several years. Such a goof good cookie.

  4. Hello, Is there anybody residing in St. Louis willing to ship me some of Dad’s Scotch Oatmeal Cookies? I grew up in the metropolitan area of St. Louis… and I recall eating these DELICIOUS cookies as a child. I also remember that even the “crispy” little crumbs were equally desired! back then the cookies were a penny! These cookies were delectable!
    I remember one time my sisters tried to “trick” me by replacing the cookies in my Mom’s cookie jar with some “other” oatmeal cookies (they sort of looked like Dad’s Scotch Oatmeal Cookies, but immediately after one bite…I know that they were NOT the real deal). I would very much like to re-visit my past and indulge int some of Dad’s amazing cookies, but I do not know anyone that lives in St. Louis, MO and would be willing to ship some to me. 🙁

    I currently reside in the Northern Bay area of California (NORCAL). Out here there is a strong following for Zanze’s Cheesecake (San Francisco). This is the infamous Sam Zanze’s light delicate cheesecake that folks line up for! Currently, he (Zanze) has closed his doors to retail due to COVID-19; however, he is planning to bake a special amount of the cheesecakes and distribute them to choice stores throughout the San Francisco area. Additionally, at this current time, Mr. Sam Zanze stated that he will sell his DELICIOUS cheesecakes via ONLY wholesale (at least at the present time). Just give the bakery a call or visit Zanze’s website for more details. 😀

  5. I remember when this company was here in Maryland.
    While visumy sister in St Lois we stumbled upon these cookies at the arch.
    I order often and have my family and friends doing the same.
    Child hood memories

  6. Oh my goodness I have been searching for these cookies for years I lived in Baltimore Maryland they were in the school cafeteria and then after I left school I always wanted some of them and could never find them. One day I post it go on my Facebook page about these dads oatmeal butterscotch cookies. My aunt that lived in St. Louis saw the post & her and my uncle sent them to me for my birthday as a surprise! That was the best birthday gift ever I have been searching for those cookies for half my life, so now every year since then, I treat myself to those cookies. Thanks for still being around with that awesome oatmeal butterscotch flavor. They still taste the same as when I was a teenager and I’m 60 years old now. If your oatmeal cookie Lover these cookies are a must!

    Humbly submitted one of your favorite long lovers????
    Humbly submitted

  7. Wow what can I say about these awesome cookies I could say so much. When I went to school in Baltimore Maryland, these were the cookies in the cafeteria I so loved. A couple of years ago I was talking about them I wanna post on my FB page. My aunt who at the time was living in St. Louis still saw the post and her and my uncle surprise me for my birthday, with a box of them. You would’ve thought I was a little kid again that was the best birthday gift ever that year lol seriously though. So since then I have been ordering them for my birthday every year. Great childhood memories I’m 60 now and they taste the same as they did when I was a kid with a glass of chocolate milk, that was my daily fix in school cookies & a carton of chocolate milk. Thanks for not changing the recipe is so many things that we ate is kids hair and don’t taste the same these taste exactly the same to me!

    Humbly the biggest kid ever & favorite fan!

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