It’s Still National Oatmeal Month

I haven’t forgotten! And I still intend to share a recipe or two with you using oatmeal. The past two weeks have been crazy at work. We have been packing up our whole classroom and moving to a brand new wing which is exciting. We have all brand new technology (SMART Board, Document Camera, iPad, Flip Camera, Computer Podium with the monitor on a swivel arm) which is pretty cool! However…this has all been very, very time consuming as I’m sure some of you can imagine who’ve been there. So, don’t give up! I hope to post a recipe soon or at least by this weekend.

2 thoughts on “It’s Still National Oatmeal Month

  1. Hi Charla! Just checking out your site! I love oatmeal and find a way to sneak it into any recipe I can. I have gotten into the habit of throwing it in the food processor and substituting it for some of the flour in recipes (particularly muffins). I find that I have to add a little bit more liquid to the recipes, but it adds that delish oatmeal flavor and is a much healthier sub for white flour. My family hasn’t noticed and raves about my cooking! I’m also a huge fan of making my own granola bars and can’t do it with out oatmeal!

  2. That’s a great idea to put oatmeal in the food processor and substitute it for flour. I use “Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour” sometimes in recipes that call for flour, but it would be cheaper to make my own.

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