Menu Plan Monday 1/9/2012

We are still wanting to eat healthy!    There are three “healthified” recipes in our menu this week that are new and sound tasty.  Last week, we had a new chili recipe that I modified.  If you’re looking for a chili recipe, check out Turkey Chili with Beans & Zucchini.

MondayEasy Beef Enchiladas, black beans, avocado slices
Tuesday:   Slow Cooker Mediterranean Minestrone Casserole  from “Eat Better America”

Wednesday:   Lemon Chicken Oregano  from “Eat Better America,” squash & onion medley

Thursday:    Chick-Fil-A using calendar coupons  (I’m moving into a brand new classroom at school and this will be a busy day!)

Friday:   Chicken Parmesan Rollatini from “Food Network,” green beans, salad  (we didn’t make this after all last week, so we’ll try again this week)

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