Taking Music Lessons

We are a family with several musicians.  My husband took violin lessons starting at age eight and then taught himself to play guitar in college.  He actually makes money entertaining playing the guitar and singing, he’s that good.  Our son took lessons (and was in school band for eight years) and plays just about any type of percussion instrument but mainly steel drums now.  He did play the marimba in high school (very well, I might add, to the extent that playing his UIL solo at a college try-out earned him a several thousand dollar scholarship).

If someone was interested in taking lessons but didn’t have much time or wanted to learn at their own pace, there are beginner guitar lessons available online.  Violin lessons would need to be in person, though, because how one holds the instrument is very important as well as technique.  I’ve seen online drum lessons but not online marimba lessons.  Before anyone considers music lessons for themselves or their child, though, they need to remember that the desire to play and the commitment it takes are very important aspects of learning to play an instrument.

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  1. I’m so glad you posted this because I just bought a guitar this week and am picking it up on Friday. I am totally excited to learn something new. Having been out of work since August and now having an infant, I needed a hobby that is all mine and that I can pick up easily. I love sewing, but unfortunately don’t have a permanent set up for it, so by the time I get everything out and ready to go, the Yeti starts crying. I can’t wait to start farting around on my guitar!

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