Menu Plan Monday 5/14/12

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  Our son came home to spend the weekend with us.  I told him that was the best gift, him coming home.   We got to talk to our daughter and my mother-in-law on the phone which was great since we couldn’t be together in person.  I received thoughtful presents, beautiful cards, and my husband took us out to eat after church today.  It was a wonderful weekend!

My thoughts went back to my own mother who passed away 12 years ago.  I remember how she helped me with all the many reports I had to do in fourth grade.  Writing was not my favorite thing to do, but she would edit my papers and have me do them over again until I had them correct.  She taught me things about verb tenses and correct grammar usage, things I use nearly every day in blogging.  I think she would be happy to know that I use those writing skills today.
I also remember how my mother was always a room mother for my class at school, made the most delicious cut-out sugar cookies with icing for school parties, made the best pie crust I have ever tasted, always had ice cold Kool-aid for me and my friends on hot summer days playing outside (the brother of one of my friends called her “Mrs. Kool-aid”), and how she would read Luke 2:1-20 often at bedtime, and that was my favorite to have read to me before going to sleep.  I feel blessed to have had her for a mother.  So many blessings!


Here’s our menu for the week. I still haven’t decided on Tuesday’s main dish but will have to soon since I’m running out of time. Dessert was easy! 🙂
Monday: Morey’s “Fish Creations” Wild Salmon, marinated & ready in minutes  (from Wal-Mart’s meat section), corn and green beans

Tuesday:  Dessert – Strawberry & Blackberry Shortcake (Haven’t figured out the main course yet.  Our son and three of his friends are coming for dinner)

Wednesday: Chicken, yellow squash, Kale & Romaine Salad, carrots

Thursday: Salad with raw veggies & “turkey bacon

Friday:  Eating out

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday 5/14/12

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day! =)

    Im sorry that your Mother has passed away, I enjoyed reading what you wrote about her, she sounds like a wonderful Mom.

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