Menu Plan Monday 6/4/12

School is out for the summer!  Yay!!!  This weekend was relaxing and very restful, knowing that I only have to go to training this week.  We rented a couple of movies called “Flicka 3: Country Pride” and “We Bought a Zoo.”  Both were great movies.  So, here’s our menu for the week.  There are a couple of new recipes that sound really good!

Monday:  Stir-fry chicken, yellow squash, carrots, and onions
Tuesday:   Spinach and Mushroom Pizza  (baked in oven instead of grilled)

WednesdayFish Tacos, avocado slices

Thursday:  Chicken, baby lima beans, carrots

Friday:   Spicy Chicken Pizza with Red & Green Peppers and Onions, salad, Turtle Cheesecake

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