Menu Plan Monday & Recipe for Abuelo’s Salmon Santa Cruz

We love salmon! Not only is it super healthy and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it tastes delicious.  Here’s a recipe from Abuelo’s Restaurant I want to share with you for Thursday.  The salmon sounds delicious, and the video for Abuelo’s recipe makes me want to try it.

Monday:  Roast, potatoes, carrots

Tuesday:  Lasagna, green beans, salad

Wednesday: Marinated Chicken Breasts from Food Network grilled on stove top, yellow squash & onions  (didn’t have this last week)

Thursday: Salmon Santa Cruz, Cilantro/Lime Rice, steamed veggies

Friday: Freschetta’s Simply Inspired “Farmers Market Veggie” Pizza (We LOVE this pizza!), salad

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday & Recipe for Abuelo’s Salmon Santa Cruz

  1. looks like a delicious week at your place! I’ll be checking out that salmon recipe, thanks! We are having plenty of squash around here, love having fresh-from-the-garden meals on the table this time of year.

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