Menu Plan Monday 8/20/12

School starts this week…for teachers!  I don’t plan on cooking much because there will be too much to do.  Anything that involves cooking will probably be done by my husband.  🙂

Here’s this week’s menu:
Monday: Morey’s Fish Creations Marinated “Seasoned Grill Tilapia” from Walmart, not in the aisle with the frozen fish sticks, etc., but in the frozen section of the meat market, baby lima beans, carrot sticks

Tuesday: Food Network’s Chicken Fajitas

Wednesday:  Take-out from ?

Thursday: Salmon Patties, veggie salad, corn

Friday: Pizza , salad

Here are some refreshing recipes for the summer:.

Make Your Own: Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt
Watermelon Slushies

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday 8/20/12

  1. Your dark chocolate frozen yogurt sounds very yummy! I love chocolate ice cream/frozen yogurt so I am looking forward to giving that a try.

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