Bye, Bye Summer!

School has officially started!  I love my students and am so thankful to be in the school district that I am in and also to be at the school where I’m at.  But I must say that I, along with nearly all the teachers that I teach with, are exhausted after one week of professional development and one week of teaching.  Hmmm…florida beach house rentals sound good right now.

It’s hard for some people who have never taught school to understand how tiring the beginning of school can be.  Add in countless hours working on scheduling, getting the classroom ready, meeting after meeting, and trying to get everything done on a long “to do list” only to have things added as soon as you mark off completed things, and that gives those people a glimpse into the life of a school teacher.  Many hours are put in after school and on the weekends!

But the students make it all worth it, and those “light bulb” moments when students learn how to do something, or when they accomplish something that has been hard for them, makes it all worth it!

2 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Summer!

  1. Thank you so much, Melissa. Most people do appreciate teachers, but I have heard comments that teachers have it easy since they get the summer off. 🙂

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