Free Printable Holiday Gifts Shopping Planner

If you’re like our daughter and me, we are big list makers.  Lists are wonderful to help us stay organized!  Well, a few minutes ago, I was online and happened to come across this free printable Holiday Shopping Planner which is designed specifically for Black Friday but could used all month long.

The planner has a place to list people, gift ideas, location where the gift is being sold, the  price, and (this is  great) the time the store opens.  It also has a place for Cyber Monday.

This free list is from Sonic which is also advertising 1/2 price breakfast burritos all day on Black Friday.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we stop by and take advantage of this!

2 thoughts on “Free Printable Holiday Gifts Shopping Planner

  1. I like making lists too, ( or at least noting important things in my day planner ) =)

    as I looked at the Sonic link in your post..the Sonic drinks sure did sound good!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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