Keep Exercising this Time of Year!

This time of year is so hard for maintaining weight.  We are having Christmas snacks every day this week at the school where I teach plus three days next week.  I can just see the scales now!  One thing I am doing is trying to stop and walk at the mall three times a week on my way home from school to get some exercise.  That’s got to help a little bit.

Some people might get yoga socks and some exercise clothes to wear while working out.  Some might go for a nice, long walk outside or at the mall like I do.   The main thing is to keep moving, stretching, and exercising.

One thought on “Keep Exercising this Time of Year!

  1. I hate for all my hard work to go to waste but I hate walking outside when it is cold. I need to get the treadmill brought into the house. Ugh!

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