Identity Theft

There are a lot of safeguards against identity theft that people can take nowadays.  There are things such as an identity stronghold rfid leather wallet, for example, that are available for added security.   Here are some tips for safeguarding your identity:

  • Don’t keep your social security number in your wallet or purse
  • Check your credit report yearly
  • Make sure you mail bills in a post office collection box instead of an unsecured location
  • Shred all credit card offers, ATM receipts, charge slips, anything with your signature, insurance forms, physician’s statements, check and bank statements
  • Use one credit card for online shopping and use it only for that purpose so that it’s easy to check for fraudulent charges.  Do not use a debit card.
  • Use a firewall program on your computer and update your virus protection software on a regular basis
  • Don’t give out personal information over the phone unless you’ve initiated the call

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