Catching Up

We’ve been so busy this summer with getting ready for our son’s wedding and other things that I haven’t kept up with the news, and I have some catching up to do.  I couldn’t tell you what the headlines have been.  I’m not even sure how the economy is doing in our area.  I do see new houses being built so that’s a good sign.  But then I see several businesses closing down so that’s not good.  I don’t like seeing big empty buildings where grocery stores used to be.  Then it seems several of the little stores around them go out of business, too.  There are two different places where I see that happening, and it looks so deserted.

Right now, I’m recuperating from the stressful months at school doing state testing for three and a half months and then all the fun things of graduation and wedding.  Those last two are enjoyable things but still a different type of stress.   If you’re a teacher, then you probably understand what I’m talking about.

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