Dry Shampoo

I remember when I was growing up, there was a popular dry shampoo that came in an aerosol can.  It really was handy to use when there wasn’t time to shampoo hair or to use while traveling.  Now, there is a more natural, non-aerosol brand called klorane dry shampoo which might be handy for moms with young children who can’t find time to wash their hair on a busy day or a day when the kids won’t take a nap.

Dermagist Skin Care Products

Dermagist 12-14-12When asked if I would do a review of my choice of a Dermagist Skin Care product, I decided to choose the Skin Tone Correcting System.  After using the system for about five weeks, I did see a noticeable improvement.  What I noticed first was that I needed less makeup.  I asked my husband if he noticed any difference in my skin,  if it seemed brighter, and if my skin tone was more even.  He said he could definitely tell a difference and my skin looked better and brighter.

I plan to take a picture under bright light and then take another one in a month to see the difference in my skin after using Dermagist for one more month.   My guess is that my skin will look even better.  Look for a follow-up review in the future.


Cute T-shirts

I’ve seen some of the cutest T-shirts recently.  There are places online that sell them such as screen printed shirts in va and other places.  I like the ones that make a statement such as ones for autism, grandchildren or a certain place we like to vacation.  I’ve also seen some cute ones on a couple of kids at school this week.  There are some really creative shirts out there!

Let the Shopping Begin!

Black Friday is here and hundreds of people are out shopping for gifts, whether it be Koolaburra boots, coats, jeans, games, toys, toasters, gifts for those who have everything, etc.  We usually go shopping in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday, but we didn’t this year and plan to go out in the wee hours of the afternoon.   Online shopping is very appealing to us and is how we plan to do the majority of our shopping this year.  How do you like to shop?

Cooler Weather

Love this cooler weather we’re having.  It reminds me of being in the Rocky Mountains (wish I was there right now).  I just checked the temperature at Estes Park, Colorado, and right now it’s 26 degrees.  Brrr!!!  That means a warm jacket like the kind they have at north face womens and other places would feel good.  Add a cup of some really good hot chocolate and a warm, cozy campfire with family and friends , and that’s my kind of day.

Charm Bracelets

Not meaning to sound hokey, charm bracelets are charming!  A lot of people still wear them and look around for that special charm to add to their bracelet and might even search where to find pandora charms.  Each charm signifies something special or unique in the wearer’s life.

I had a charm bracelet growing up, but it probably got lost while we were moving a long time ago.  It might have still been at my parents house, but then it burned down so there’s no way to know. What I miss most about my charm bracelet is one charm that my daddy got for me while on a business trip.  That charm was so special to me!  But even though the charm is gone, his love will always be with me in my heart!