Waterproof Curtain for Bathtub Window


I tried to find a waterproof curtain for the window above our bathtub.  We usually take showers and water would get in the window sill and also get on the cloth curtain.  I wanted to keep water out of the window sill but couldn’t find anything suitable to prevent that from happening.  I finally thought of buying an inexpensive vinyl shower curtain liner and made my own curtain out of it.  The vinyl was so soft and almost cloth-like.  (If you make this, be sure to get the least expensive shower curtain liner because the thinner material is more like cloth.)

  • First, I measured the height of the window and added two and a half extra inches to allow for the curtain rod insert pocket which would be at the top of the window curtain.  I cut off the top of the shower liner (with the holes) and used the bottom part of the liner for the window curtain.
  • I simply folded down the top of the new window curtain one and a half inches to form the rod insert pocket.  I used button thread to make simple stitches to make the rod insert pocket.  (If your sewing machine isn’t in the attic like mine then you could just stitch it on the sewing machine.)
  • I used a thin pressure type rod to hang the curtain.

It’s very simple to make and you don’t have to hem the very bottom or sides of the curtain.   We’ve been using the new curtain for several months now and it works great and looks fine!

When you want to clean it, just use the delicate cycle on your washing machine to wash.  To dry it,  put it in the dryer on the low heat for a couple of minutes or so, then hang it back in the window.

* Update:  Several years later, we’re still using this window curtain, and it works really well!   See new photo above.

6 thoughts on “Waterproof Curtain for Bathtub Window

  1. I have been looking for ideas to cover furniture at our farmhouse when we are not spending time there. It is so dusty that I am hoping to have easy covers to protect my furniture. The shower curtains may be just the right material. Thanks.

  2. M Elaine,
    Let me add that I used the least expensive shower curtain which is a softer vinyl than the stiffer, more expensive shower curtain. Hope it works out for you!

  3. I was looking for waterproof window curtain information for my bathtub from couple of months. And finally i got very needful specification from your blog.
    Thanks Charla for this post.

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