100% Whole Food Vitamin-Mineral Supplement

These are awesome vitamins, the only ones I have found that are 100% whole food vitamins, all natural, nothing synthetic. I started using these vitamins several years ago. They’re enzymatically active which I’m learning is so extremely important to our health. They contain all the cofactors that we need so we can absorb the nutrients needed to be healthy. 

They are wonderful for everybody to supplement nutritives that are lacking in our food. A lot of the soil nowadays has had the nutritives depleted after years and years of farming. So sometimes we may be eating healthy foods, but if these foods were grown in soil that is lacking in nutritives, then the food will be lacking in them as well. Visit Parker Health Solutions to find out more information about these great vitamins.

2 thoughts on “100% Whole Food Vitamin-Mineral Supplement

  1. “all natural, nothing synthetic”

    Vitamins are vitamins, it makes no difference wether they are natural or synthetic. Exact same molecules, exact same properties.

  2. The key is the “co-factors.” Synthetic and processed vitamins are lacking in co-factors. Co-factors occur naturally in food and are very important for the absorption of vitamins. That’s why it’s important to use supplements that are from whole food sources, especially for the antioxidants.
    I do use a processed vitamin from Solaray called “B-Complex 75,” which works great for me, along with the whole-food vitamins. If I have a bad cold, I will use Solaray’s vitamin called Ester-C. But… I take these processed vitamins with my whole food vitamins so that I’m getting the co-factors as well.
    I will try to write a post soon on the ingredients of the whole-food vitamins.
    I appreciate your comment.

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