Potpourri can be made from fresh flowers and can be especially meaningful if the flowers were from something that touched your heart.  Just let the flowers dry for several days and then place in a pretty bowl, maybe a crystal bowl.  If you have a bowl that you really like, maybe one that was your mother’s or your grandmother’s, then that is perfect for displaying your potpourri in a doubly meaningful way.

The dried flowers pictured below are special to me, given to us when I lost my husband.  The bowl is special, too, given to me by my son-in-law’s mother on my 50th birthday.  So when I look at this, I remember my husband.  I remember my surprise 50th birthday party which was such a happy time, and the flowers remind me of all the love and support that was shown to me when I lost my husband.  Lots of sweet memories!


Getting Ready for the Holidays

There’s a saying that the best motivator for cleaning one’s house is having company.  I think that’s true for most people, especially me!  Some people are probably hire a house cleaner to come in during this time of year to clean their house when maybe they do it themselves the rest of the year.  There’s so much to do during the holidays that it really helps relieve some of the stress to have extra help.  I believe it’s worth the extra cost to have more time to enjoy being with family and friends!

How many of our traditions during the holidays are meaningful to the majority of the family?  I remember reading about a mom who worked hard to make this certain complicated dessert for Christmas dinner.  She had read an article about taking family polls about traditions so she did that with her family.  It turns out no one in her family cared whether she made that dessert or not.  It had been a tradition that had served its purpose in the past, but now could be replaced by having more quality time with the family.


There are many tools in my husband’s tool box.  I don’t know how many different kinds are in there, but I do know there’s quite a variety.  My husband’s tools are something that our family wants to keep.  They bring back many memories of him either working on his car, replacing a faucet when remodeling, or installing an InSinkerator.  He could do many different things and was a man of many talents.  He truly was!   So his tools remind us of him and bring back many different memories.  Treasured memories!


Summertime Backyards

Don’t you just love how green everything gets during certain times of the year, and how the flowers are so pretty. Container flower gardens and easy-to-grow flowering perennial plants are my kind of gardening, like Cannas and other types of lilies.  They’re so easy to grow.
I have a friend who definitely has a green thumb, and her backyard is gorgeous and looks like a park. For those people who have the time and energy, I think that’s great! What a nice place to relax and unwind. For me, my simple garden is nice to look at through the windows.

Notice the orange lilies in the background?  The original start of those came from my grandmother’s flower bed on the farm literally decades ago.  Different members of the family got a start of them when my grandparents sold the farm.  My mother planted hers in our backyard, and now that I’m grown and have a family, I have a start of them in my yard.

Are there any flowers in flower beds of parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, or best friends that you really admire?  Ask if you can have a start of them if they are the type that bloom year after year.  Lilies and cannas transplant well and can be enjoyed for years to come.
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Wall Mounted TV

When you get a new TV or maybe when you move, sometimes you need a mounting bracket for tv. Our daughter and s-i-l are in the process of moving into a new house, and they gave away their entertainment center. They might be looking for a mounting bracket if they don’t get another entertainment center. Mounting a TV on the wall frees up floor space and keeps it out of the reach of little ones. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Getting Ready to Move In

Our son and future daughter-in-law just closed on a house so they would have it to move into after they get married the end of June.  They have been doing basic cleaning like you would do before moving into a house, changing locks, putting in a security system, etc.  They cleaned the carpets which is always good to do.  They have also made sure the Internet is up and running, a very important thing to do nowadays.  They still have a list of things they want to get done before they move in, but at the rate they’re going, they should be finished in plenty of time before the wedding.

Backyard Fun

Spring is definitely here and time to think about getting the back yard ready for lots of fun family activities throughout the spring and summer.  All over the country there are people planning what they need such as swing sets richmond va.  Or maybe it’s an above ground pool, picnic table, patio table with umbrella, or any of the great things to make a backyard a fun place with lots of opportunities for special family memories.

Patio Chairs

Now that warmer weather is here, there are people who are fixing up their patios.  Some may be getting new patio chairs or patio chair covers.   Waterproof covers for patio furniture are great to protect the cushions from rain, falling leaves, and debris that might fall on them.  No one likes to sit on wet, dirty patio furniture!   If the chairs have been covered, people will have cushions that will be clean and dry for them.


I miss having a little dog around the house sometimes.  We had our dog for over 16 years and she was like a part of our family.  Sometime in the next couple of years,  it would be nice to start looking around for another dog.  If we ever do get one, we’ll have to look at pet beds, collars, leashes, and all the things that dogs need.  Plus, there will be shots to get, food to buy, etc.   But what makes it all worth it is having a friendly little face greet you when you come home every day and having it cuddle up in your lap.

Spring is Here!

Now that spring is nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about fixing up the back yard for those warm days when it’s enjoyable to be outside.  You can click here if you’re looking for an outside patio umbrella.    We don’t have one, but my mother-in-law has a patio table with an umbrella.  She absolutely loves to sit out on her side patio, drink coffee, and watch the birds.  What she enjoys the most is to do that with family.

Backyard Pools

We have a large front yard but a small back yard.  I seriously doubt there would be room for a pool.  The only kind of pool we’ve ever had is a large kiddie pool, which was fun by the way.  It would be nice, though, to have a small pool that wasn’t very deep and was heated and surrounded by led pool lights.  Add in a lot of tropical plants and I’m sure it would be a relaxing place to unwind after a long day at school!

Comfy Mattress

There’s nothing like having a comfortable, cozy mattress to sleep on every night.  Whenever we’re away from home, it’s always nice to be back, sleeping in our own soft memory foam bed.  Wherever you are, I hope you have a good mattress whether it’s from mattress stores los angeles or wherever.  The quality of sleep we get makes a difference in how we feel the next day.  Good sleep helps our minds be alert for the work we have to do during the day, so do not underestimate the value of a good mattress and a good night’s sleep!